The Process

Decree of the Goddess
What you are destined is what I decide. What you are is what I say you will be. you are good for nothing else. you are nothing else. No matter what you hold, what you are, you are nothing but a bitch wallet and dirt on My heels. But this is what you long for this is what you have prayed to have happen. The fate of all bitches is only for Me….


Mistress with slave

The Process

I sat and smiled in back of limo while the taxi came up slowly behind. all the texts on My phone were all the same. Begging, wishing, hoping I would give him time of day. For weeks now he had pursued this with Me only in the end to run as I began to slowly destroy him. But he couldn’t hide he knew he couldn’t he had no other way he could see it. No other way he could exist he knew he had to follow it to the end there was nothing else in his life to even care. His wife had found out about what he was doing and I had heard the whole argument. I was smiling as he came kneeling back before Me and I lit My cig slowly. he told Me he couldn’t do it but I knew he would return. My bitches all know what they are what they hold and know that I am their only life in this hollow worthless world.

I could see the taxi now right behind and sat there still pressing that diamond engraved chic cigarette holder between My lips. As I exhaled I heard another text come through and I looked again. Another pathetic one who is begging to have his life taken hmmm lovely but not right now. Right now this is only about one bitch the bitch who I am about to take to next phase. As the car stopped I could see the bitch slowly get out and I smiled once more. How lovely they all are so ready so willing but yet so afraid of what will come next. The door opened and I stepped out. My heels hit the ground with quiet force and I came out as I saw him sitting there still in the taxi behind. His head down his eyes not able to look at Me. So lovely the door closed behind and I pressed it once more between My lips and it opened. he came out very shy very defeated and yet he knew I was all he had in this pathetic life of an existence he led. he was very humble and right there he dropped as I stood there holding it between My glove. The smoke curled slowly toward him and he pressed his lips right to My heel immediately as I saw the eyes watching.
good bitch
thank you Goddess i’m sorry i didn’t obey before
you have much to prove slut but today is start of it
I hit it once more and he nodded so defeated
she left me beautiful Goddess just as You said she would
I exhaled and ashed it right on him shaking My head
you dare doubt your Goddess bitch? you dare think I don’t know what it is truly you live? what you feel and what you desire?
Goddess i’m so sorry everything You said was right i was wrong please….
Right there in broad daylight this pathetic creature kissed My silver heels as the eyes still would turn and I smiled so nonchalantly
you will learn bitch you will learn your place nothing is yours it is MINE
yes Goddess
today you start next phase and you show Me how badly you want it and you will never disgrace Me in that manner again
My lips exhaled and i felt his lips lightly touch on My toes exposed and he nodded
yes beautiful Goddess please forgive me
we will see now get up
he rose as I pressed it once more and I could see his eyes were hiding tears he wanted to show them but he couldn’t. Again the eyes watched and again I stood there unfazed My eyes behind those shades looking at him and he could barely meet Mine.
carry My purse bitch
I hand it to him and he takes it puts it on his shoulder and nods as I hold it and he stares
last chance slut either go to the next phase or crawl back to that slut and your worthless existence
yes Goddess
I had heard enough and without another word I started walking. the stairs were ahead and I smiled as once more eyes were on us. they were in awe and I saw those girls just wishing they had this kind of power. The security guard stared but tried to hide it as I came up those stairs. I was above them above him, above their ways, and above all of these women who watched this pathetic creature coming up behind. The guard grinned seeing him but when he saw My cold stare even in those shades he knew he had no authority here. I was power, power that all of these shits wished they were. My gloved fingers snapped and the bitch threw the doors open. I passed in and immediately all eyes turned right to Me. I smiled on and we continued forth and he knew it was now or never would he get this chance again…




If there is one thing I love it is seeing a bitch squirm and as I went up the stairs with My slave he knew he was done for. There were many who passed but none knew what to do as I continued to ascend with him. I knew his mind was so jumbled so afraid what he was about to face in that room was his ultimate test. Even in that stuffy building of such basic rats and apes trying to make their lives more all eyes were on me. Male/female none could look away. His eyes were to the ground and My assistant bitch continued to follow as we finally reached the top. I knew we could’ve taken the elevator but every time I come here I always love to take the stairs. Let them bask in it let them see what a real domme is. What power truly is and how deeply I enslave these sluts. The doors were in front of us and I smiled so cruelly but he smiled under that fear. He was miserable he had been miserable for years. Never was he happy, not at any point, he was lying to himself. He was so upset inside of letting it go on for as long as he did. I knew it I knew it all already. He was so scared I knew it and oh do I love that. The fear they have knowing everything is about to change. Everything they know everything they love its all about to become only as I want. I heard someone say once why would I enjoy this why would I enjoy putting one through this you would think I would feel some kind of remorse. Some kind of feeling knowing it but I don’t I love what I do. I’ve been called much but I see it like this. All life flows through this choice of one who has power and one who doesn’t. Anyone who says they hate what I am is because they wish they could do what I can. they wish they felt what I did so that they could do this I heard it many times, the hate, the jealousy and I realized the only reason they hate what I do is because they cannot do it.

Only a true Queen can make a man break that deeply and want to throw it all away everything he knows and loves. Only a true Goddess can make a slave want to end their regular life and to be only Mine. As the doors opened his head rose up and there ahead he saw her. The lawyer was next to her to the right she glanced back for a moment but angrily turned away. A little one sat behind with an older woman and I saw her eyes look at me with such disgust and inside I could only smile bigger. No matter how much I do this I love it.
OFFICER: Court of Judge Robertson is now in session all rise
I stood next to him as we saw the old crone come out of the back she looked at her and then at me and I knew already the hate was so real.
JUDGE: please be seated court is now in session
his head was high but I knew he wanted to say something but did not as it all began
OFFICER: case file number 0723
JUDGE: So what brings us here today?
LAWYER: your honor my client has come today to file for divorce against the plaintiff in question
JUDGE: what circumstances councilor?
LAWYER: your honor my client feels the marriage was a mistake and wishes to break free of the party in question with as little of fuss as possible.
JUDGE: councilor respond?
LAWYER 2: your honor the circumstances under the divorce are entirely wrong and my client seeks full alimony, full child support, as well as custody of the prosecutors funds
JUDGE: funds?
LAWYER 2: my prosecutors client is a flight risk your honor and is planning on signing over all the accounts, assets that are in the marriage agreement to another party in question.
LAWYER: my client has all rights to do so your honor for i hold in my hands the agreement that he and the defense signed.
JUDGE: approach the bench councilor
I smiled so badly as he sat there it was wonderful how he did it she had thought she was cosigning a document she wasn’t. It was an agreement drawn up that even though they were already married she was agreeing that the funds he made be held in his name. the girl had bad credit and couldn’t get anything signed i had told him get her the car she will sign anything and she did.
JUDGE: hmmmm notarized…..
LAWYER 2: your honor my client signed that document believing it was merely a cosigned loan for her vehicle
JUDGE: is this true councilor?
LAWYER: your honor the defenses client has a bad credit history and needed help from my client to sign for the vehicle. Of course there was an exchange and that is said in the agreement.
JUDGE: i see….very sneaky councilor
I sat smiling there and saw the old lady glare so badly as i checked my phone
JUDGE: very dirty indeed but this document is notarized, legal, and has both signatures in the court of law this is official. Any judge will see this as well did you even read this my dear?
WIFE: i had no idea what i was signing your honor i never would have signed it if i had known.
JUDGE: this is notarized my dear meaning you were present when it was how could you not read this over
WIFE: cause i trusted my husband your honor
JUDGE: you made a grave error my dear i am sorry but this is official and what you signed you agreed to.
OLD WOMAN: how could you you bastard! how could you do that?!
JUDGE: silence in the court
I sat smiling on mmmm another worthless vanilla marriage about to end delicious….I could see the bitch smiling looking back at me and I nodded as it continued.
JUDGE: i’m going to take a recess on this I will make my decision when I return
she looks at him and shakes her head
JUDGE: you did a very dirty thing councilor but what’s worse is how your wife agreed to it. court will resume at 9 am tomorrow morning and my decision will be made. We are adjourned.
OFFICER: all rise
I could see them so angry all the family members and I smiled and he walked away and I followed behind as the old lady rushed up and grabbed my gloved hand.
OLD WOMAN: you are disgusting
touch me again and not only will your family be ruined but you will be as well
she stared and pulled her hand away slowly as the other walked over
WIFE: mother leave her alone
I stared so evily at her and she stared on
OLD WOMAN: i hope you rot in hell
come join Me i’ll bitch your husband and you can watch
there was nothing she could say as I saw him staring at me I had already dominated him before. These women only wish they were what I was and once again another vanilla life is about to be over. mmmm lovely……..

Goddess $$$$$$$$