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backgrounds-red-fumes-white-wallpapers-nature-pictures-images-widescreen-88673.jpgAs the Queen begins to rise her kingdom will evolve. As Her subjects grow the knowlege within them will begin to flow. The days will change, the nights will darken, the skies will show many shades of grey and blue. black and red and so many will long for peace but only feel dread. As the Queen begins to formulate Her plan many will hate Her but She knows what has been done and it must ammend. Her words are heard but none wish to believe. The image of Herself has become corrupted and none can see. There are many like Her but they are just showing only the surface. Nothing else can they truly see because they are only motivated by their selfish desires. their whims, their programming, their greed. The ones that follow them are no different and will only play but they hate being shown that its all a fantasy not what they say. The Queen will come from a place none understand but as She rises the hate will come but She does not care for them. they are lost and they will never find their way the only truth is to show them what it is. And the Queen is the only one who can do this who lies in this existence……..

Mistress Charlyn



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